By Helvetian Hands Commisions

Welcome to Helvetian Hands. I’ve been crafting for about two years and I feel it’s time to provide a service to the pagan and polytheist community while making a little extra money. Starting out on my spiritual path, I was shocked by how expensive figures and idols (Deluâs/Delwâs) and other altar accessories were so I chose to make my own. My minimalist style won’t cost an arm and a leg and all proceeds go into funding better equipment to better my skills and even funding for a forge so I can expand into blacksmithing. From small and discrete to large and intricate, my idols, trinkets, and other devotional art will help add some life to your altar, Nemeton, or sacred space. All my work is by commission and no two pieces are exactly the same so your order is one of a kind.

Idols (Deluâs/Delwâs)

Idols are a great way to honor your specific deities. My idols are a minimalist style but still have a lot of life and detail. The wood used is collected from fallen branches in my yard, from neighbors, and from local acreage that the owners were happy to donate. My idols have a stain finish of whatever color you want or a stain that brings out the natural color. Polyurethane coating is available but may cost extra. I typically make idols in 4 different sizes but I am willing to make them to any specifications requested. Price ranges based on size and time but I’m flexible and I will try to help folks out who are tight on money. The goal isn’t to gain wealth but to supply the pagan/polytheist community with affordable items.

3″ Idol

Freyja, Thor, and Tyr

Roughly 3 inches in height, these mini idols are great for smaller altars. Many in the pagan community don’t have much space for an extravagant altar or sacred space or they live in a situation where they wish to live more discreetly and the 3″ idols are great for that. On average, the 3″ idols take about a day to produce.

5″ Idol

Magusenos, Bugius, and Divico

These guys stand between 4 1/2 and 5 1/2 inches depending on the wood and the design. Slightly taller than the 3″ idols but more room for personalization like bind runes and rûnâuegon (Rûnâ Weaves). The average production time for the 5″ idols is 3-5 days.

7″ Idols

Vindedus, Carnonos (Cernunnos), and Anextlomarâ

The 7 inch idols stand tall and proud, featuring more detail and even some anatomy. The 7″ idols can have more 3-dimentional features and have plenty of room for personalization. Depending on what you want, producing the 7″ idols can take from 1-2 weeks but it’s possible to be less time. Every piece is different and time has varied drastically.

1′ Idols


The largest idols I make are in the 1 foot range. These behemoths are more for larger altars but can be great for decoration for the house. Because of the amount of wood and time needed, they are thd most expensive and the production time is roughly 3 weeks. Just like with the 7″ idols this can be longer but can also be done earlier.

Devotional Art

My devotional art is mainly hand drawn with some effects added to give it some flare. Available in both physical and digital and the price is negotiable but a minimum of $5.

Divination Tools

Divination tools are Runes and Rûnâs carved into either wood or stone. The meanings and system for the Rûnâs is based on the Uelîturunâs featured on

If you want something not listed, feel free to ask. I’m always willing to try new things and expand my skills. In time I will feature new items and options. All payment is done through PayPal, just pay for the order and shipping. If the order takes longer than the time frame, you will be notified. Because I am only one person, it’s first come first serve but I will keep in contact to keep you informed on when I will begin your order. To ensure quality and satisfaction, I will send a photo of the finished product before I mail it out.

To place an order, send me a direct message through any of my social media that can be found on the “contact” page. I’m friendly and flexible so don’t be afraid to get a hold of me. Thank you!