Biuiolibros “Book of Beings”

The Biuiolibros (BEE-we-oh-lee-brahs) is my bestiary of spirits, creatures, and monsters of Gaul. A reconstruction effort of what the ancient Galatîs revered and feared. Some are attested while others are rebuilt from images on pillars, artwork, the famous Gundestrup Cauldron, and looking at the folklore in modern Gaul. Dragons, Giants, Spirits, and much more will live forever in my Biuiolibros.

In my personal opinion, I do not believe that there are various undiscovered elusive animals. One could categorize some of these creatures as cryptids and that’s a fair opinion. However, I would argue that all of, or at least most of, the beings that are, and will be, listed here are all spirits that are corporeal. They chose to take on a physical form, can leave physical evidence such as footprints, but cannot be tracked and tagged like an animal.

On a similar note, some of the beings in the Biuiolibros are notorious for being malevolent and some of them may be, but a common factor in dealing with spirits is respect. Like with my articles on the Dêwoi, I use divination tools to reach out and learn about these spirits and, as I’m writing this now, something I’ve seen is that these spirits and beings can be good so long as they are properly respected. The Golden Rule applies to these creatures as they would with other people.