The Mission

We know very little on the Helvetii Tribe. Pliny the Elder and Julius Caesar are among the few that have recorded the Helvetii (Eluêtii). While being the most prominent of the ancient Swiss tribes, Switzerland and the Alps was home to many Celtic, Germanic, and Rhaetian people.

While I would never claim to be an scholar or even a decent academic, myself and the help of others, are doing what we can to reconstruct The Helvetii Tribe, The other Alpine Celts, Germanic Tribes, and the Rhaetian Tribes. To resurrect their religion and keep their name and legacy going. The Spirit and Pride continues on in the modern Swiss people but I want to do what I can for their memory. To make sure they are more than just a name in a history book.

I’ve made my passion into

my mission. To rebuild and

rediscover the religion and

culture of the Helvetii tribe

as well as the other Celtic

Swiss tribes, Germanic

tribes, and the Rhaetians and

even touch on the

Gallo-Roman religion from

time to time.

I am neither a scholar or a

expert but regardless the

tribes of Ancient Switzerland

are not talked about or

covered really at all. So

instead of waiting for a

historian or someone who

shares my passion who’s

more qualified to do the

work, I’ve taken it upon

myself to honor the tribes to

the best of my ability. Under

the name of the Helvetii, I

am working to bring light

and honor to the ancient

people of Switzerland.


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